Answer the survey and let us know your opinion on the ideas for 2023!

Would you be interested in a mezzanine for your stand? (terms: reduced space/no branding above 2.5m)(Required)
Would you be interested in a reserved meeting room at an appropriate cost?(Required)


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Would you be interested in attending an apéritif to celebrate "10 years in Making", if some of your customers were also present?(Required)
How many from your company would attend?(Required)
How much would you be willing to spend per ticket?(Required)
Quale venue preferiresti?(Required)
Which music would you prefer?(Required)


During Making Cosmetics would you be interested in connecting with customers unable to wait in person?(Required)
Would your suppliers be interested in presenting their technologies in English to foreign customers?(Required)
Would you be interested in increasing the duration of Making Cosmetics to three days, consisting of: 2 in-person days and 1 digital day?(Required)

Raw Material Formulation Space (Wise Ingredients Award)

Would you be interested in exhibiting the raw materials in competition in a semi-processed product during the Making Cosmetics?(Required)
Would you have a colleague willing to run this station?(Required)
How much would you be willing to invest to get more visibility for your raw materials in the competition?(Required)
Would you be interested in offering the possibility for the Making Cosmetics visitors to vote for the raw material in the competition with different parameters than the scientific jury and compete for an additional award?(Required)
In your opinion, should this voting take place only during the Making Cosmetics or even later?(Required)
Which method do you think is most popular?(Required)


Would you be interested in sponsoring VIP customer travel?(Required)


Would you be interested in participating in a Practical Presentation programme where you would be provided with a simple workshop so that you could present a live formulation during the Making for a duration of 20 minutes?(Required)
Would you be interested in having this also recorded to be used as promotional material?(Required)