Prof Silvia Vertuani

Academic Researcher
University of Ferrara, Italy

Silvia Vertuani:  PhD in Cosmetic Science , Specialist in Cosmetic Science and Technology , a position of accademic researcher at University of Ferrara  at the Department of Life Sciences and Biotechnology . Professor of Chemistry of Cosmetic Products and Cosmeceutical at the degree programs at the Course of Pharmacy of the University of Ferrara.
Teaching Coordinator of the Master Course  Science and Technology Cosmetic ( COSMAST ). Co- founder in 2003 with Prof. Stefano Manfredini of University spin-off from research Ambrosialab Ltd. , a company engaged in applied research in science of well-being , with particular reference to the R&D of innovative pharmaceutical, cosmetic and nutritional  products. Author of more 60 papers,  pubblished on international journals.

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