Mechtild Petersen-Thiery


Doctor of Analytical Chemistry, Master of Science in Chemistry both at University of Saarbrücken, Germany. Since 1991 she is working for BASF, initially as head of analytical lab in the department of agricultural products, responsible for substance identification and characterization (active ingredient and impurities) as well as analytics in water and animal feed. She participated in the development of internationally standardized analytical methods and general pesticide specifications (Collaborative International Pesticide Analytical Council, CIPAC; and FAO) and was responsible for the worldwide registration of pesticides and plant protection products (product chemistry part).

Now she is working as Regulatory Manager for cosmetics with specific responsibility for the registration and product stewardship of UV-filters for sunscreen products. She supports cosmetic companies to comply with the different cosmetic regulatory environments. She is nano expert for the Care Chemicals Division of BASF, conducts dialogues with different stakeholders: authorities, consumers, scientists and non-governmental organizations. At BASF she is responsible for the REACH registration of UV filters and their precursor products.


Mechtild Petersen-Thiery will be speaking at:

Nano-A Challenge for Industry

November 29, 2017 12:10 - 00:00

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