Itinerari Cosmetici – Gruppo Circadiano

“12day-12night” was ideated from the 2017 “Itinerari Cosmetici SICC” project group, with the aim of developing a brand synergic to the natural circadian rhythm of human skin. Sleep has a repair function of the damage caused by the daily rhythm and the skin reaches its peak activity during the night hours, during which functions like hydration and blood circulation are maximized and the epidermis is undergoing renewal. For this reason, it is vital to apply specific products that promote regenerating, moisturizing, and antioxidant actions. By contrast, the minimum peak activity is reached around noon, the time of maximum vulnerability. On awakening, the body resumes its rhythms, so the skin needs protective treatments against pollution, UV rays and stress. The development of our line has been preceded by a careful market research, to provide our product with innovation and originality, addressed to a woman who is attentive to her skin’s health, attracted by innovation but with a natural and sustainable eye. “12day-12night” is the result of a careful and targeted study of the skin’s physiological mechanisms, on the basis of which active ingredients have been accurately selected with regeneration action for night and protection. for day emulsions Validation of product features in terms of stability and effectiveness has been designed with a range of both traditional and advanced testing, such as those that evaluate HEV protection, antioxidant action, DNA and collagen synthesis, and oxygen release All in the perspective of respect for sustainability; careful study of raw materials and active ingredients has led to the development of environmentally sustainable products both in formulas and packaging

Itinerari Cosmetici – Gruppo Circadiano will be speaking at:

Cronocosmesi: Progettazione e Validazione di una Linea Cosmetica CIRCADIANO

November 28, 2017 15:00 - 00:00

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