Fabio Apone

Vitalab Srl

Dr. Fabio Apone graduated in Biology and obtained his PhD title in Protistology (Biology of Unicellular Organisms) in 1998 at the University of Pisa, Italy. He was a research scientist at the Biotech company Arena Pharmaceuticals Inc, San Diego, California. He is co-founder and Scientific Director of Arterra Bioscience (, a Biotech Company located in Napoli, Italy, focused on the identification of new active ingredients for industrial applications. Since 2013, Dr. Fabio Apone has also been Scientific Coordinator and Administration Board member of Vitalab srl (, a joint-venture company involved in the development and commercialization of cosmetic active ingredients.

Fabio Apone will be speaking at:

Miscele di peptidi e glucidi, derivati da colture tissutali vegetali: ingredienti attivi innovativi ed efficaci per la cura della pelle – Mixtures of peptides and sugars, derived from plant tissue cultures, are innovative and effective active ingredients for skin care

November 29, 2017 09:50 - 00:00

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