The Perfect Blend: Enhancing Visual Aspects & Performance in Rinse- Off Applications with Wax Dispersion

Time: 12:00 - 12:20

Date: 22 Novembre 2023

Theatre: Teatro 2

Natural-based care products meet a rapidly growing demand for environmental consciousness in consumers’ everyday life. To satisfy consumer demand for opacifying and pearlising effects without using pigments we have our wax-based range of products. Euperlan® and Lamesoft® offer the perfect combination: an excellent performance with sustainable benefits.

Some recent examples of products to address the future challenges are:
Euperlan® OP White is a wax-based, readily biodegradable and cold processable opacifier dispersion with a superior white appearance for surfactant formulations. The product meets today’s demand for ecologically friendly ingredients, and its unique properties make it particularly suitable for eco-label-compliant cleansing formulations.
Euperlan® NL Pearl is composed of the naturally derived ingredients hydrogenated vegetable oil, cocamidopropylbetaine and glycerol oleate. It offers a high- performance alternative to non-COSMOS approved ingredients.
Euperlan® NL Pearl shows outstanding attributes in hair care applications, especially on wet and dry combing tests, anti-hair breakage measurements and suppleness tests.

BASF’s personal care business continues to expand its eco-friendly product range by offering sustainable alternatives. The wax-based products give the opportunity to display pearly and opacifying effects in formulated products across a broad spectrum. From skin rinse, baby and face cleansing, to liquid soap, shampoo, shower and bath products.


  • Nadine Bestges BTC Chemical Distribution – A Brand of BASF

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