The new side of Dermocosmetics

10:30 - 11:00
November 22, 2016

Dermocosmetics represents nowadays a segment within skin care offering special properties and information regarding caring, wellbeing and safety needs for skin and products.

Once a product is offered under this dermocosmetic umbrella an “effective but delicate skin” supporting cosmetic product is expected.

Nonetheless definitions for dermocosmetics and other related common definition for e.g. sensitive skin are yet not available worldwide.

The intention of this overview is to give an insight how a reasonable

dermocosmetic product range can be realized considering aspects of skin

conditions, formulation ideas fitting nicely to these demands and dedicated active ingredients fulfilling the expectations from the cosmetic point of view.

Influencing trends like nature and sustainability, safety and simplicity will be

considered in this overview too.


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