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November 29, 2017

EFfCI GMP Guide was originally developed in 2005 as a result of the proposal that
the new GMPs for cosmetics would also apply to cosmetic ingredients. As the
technology used to make cosmetics and cosmetic ingredients is fundamentally
different, then the threats to consumers safety from these manufacturing process are
different: hence the detailed GMP rules must be different even though the GMP
principles remain the same.
Since the first publication in 2005 the EFfCI GMP Guide has been continually
revised with updates in 2008 (alignment with ISO 9001:2008), 2010 (Certification
Scheme and an auditable GMP Standard) and 2012 (full revision in conjunction with
Now the latest edition of the Guide and Standard has been fully revised to align with
the new structure in ISO 9001:2015, a task completed in partnership with the
Personal Care Products Council (PCPC). from USA, allowing for a larger acceptance
and application worldwide of this standard.
This edition presents it in a new easily readable side-by- side format. Despite the new arrangement there are very few new requirements in the new version; other than those introduced by ISO 9001:2015 itself. Thus the new version retains all the
strengths of the 2012 edition and – most importantly – it continues to utilise quality
risk assessments throughout the standard.
The GMP standard was designed to be applied as an appendix to an existing ISO
9001 certification process thereby minimising the effort required for integration into
their existing Quality Management Systems. This also allows Customers to show
compliance with the ISO 22716:2007 (Cosmetics – Guidelines on good
manufacturing practices) and the European Cosmetics Regulation, (EC) N°
Using EFfCI Certification from approved independent 3rd party Certifying Bodies
allows suppliers to demonstrate to customers that they have comprehensively
implemented the GMP requirements in the manufacture of their products. This
allows both parties to avoid costly and time consuming audits in the supplier
approval process.
There are now 17 3 rd Party Certifying Bodies globally who have signed an agreement
with EFfCI to provide Certification to the EFfCI GMP Standard to cosmetic ingredient
suppliers, and more than 100 suppliers who hold these Certificates, worldwide.


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