The benefits of using a natural, shea-based emollient ester in cosmetic formulations

Time: 12:40 - 13:00

Date: 23 Novembre 2023

Theatre: Teatro 2

Beauty consumers are demanding more transparency around product origin and environmental impact, accelerating the green transition. The color cosmetics category is, however, falling behind.

Developing eco-ethical alternatives to existing ingredients that offer the same functionality is critical to achieving a greener industry. The presentation addresses how shea esters can be key tools in that process.

Emollient esters, alkanes and silicones are often used in cosmetics formulations as sensory enhancers and solubilizing and dispersing agents. We look at two shea-based emollient esters from AAK that fulfil these functions.

LIPEX® SheaSolve™ has excellent solubilizing and dispersion properties, making it ideal for UV protection formulations. It offers better particle wetting and lower agglomeration than other alternatives, resulting in less ghosting, better absorption, and improved finish in formulations. These solubilizing and dispersing benefits also translate to color pigments, making it an ideal choice for lipsticks and the complexion segment.

For those applications where lightness and dry-down are essential, AAK has developed a new shea ester with sustainability credentials that set it apart from other natural-based alternatives. It is ideal for premium skin care, such as oil-based serums, eye care, and make-up primers.

Formulations will showcase the benefits of both esters.


  • Åsa Berry AAK Personal Care for Huwell Chemicals

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