Sulfate-free: Facts and data

09:10 - 09:30
November 29, 2017

In the huge cosmos of cosmetics, there are worlds that we are learning it is better not to explore, or rather do not explore anymore. “Prohibitions and limits” imposed to the formulator are growing in number and sometimes are bizarre too, they are known under the name of Free-from. Sometimes it does not even matter “without” what, it is just enough to be Free-from. Actually who knows why? This, together with the many demands that call to the natural, sustainable, etc., creates a narrow funnel through which the formulator now passes with great difficulty trying to balance: stability, performance and cost of the formulation. ZSI tried to “calculate and face” one of the most used and abused marketing claim: Sulphate-free. We have analyzed almost every possible aspect from the point of view of the formulator, the performance of the finished products, the market situation, the consumers perception and the cost-in-use. The results obtained are sometimes surprising.




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