Skin Aromachology & Stress: When the skin smells to relax

Time: 11:30 - 11:50

Date: Day 1

Theatre: Arena Seminari Liv.0

We generally understand olfactory receptors to be located in the nose and to play the central role in our sense of smell, however, these receptors have been recently reported to be also found on skin cell membranes and can regulate cell functions. Since then, the interest in studying these skin olfactory receptors has increased and it has become a current scientific challenge in the cosmetic industry, as they are now identified as an innovative target for the use of olfactory compounds as active molecules on skin.

Inspired by aromachology, used as an efficient stress reliever method by odor inhalation, our skin aromachology concept refers to the topical activity of Damask rose olfactory compounds on skin olfactory receptors to reduce cell stress and its skin-related damage.

As we recover from the unprecedented impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, our new discovery will offer a novel way to protect the skin from the effects of stress and improve skin vitality and glow. Join our conference to discover our latest research and learn how Damask rose olfactory compounds activate newly-discovered skin olfactory receptors (OR2AG2).


  • E. Corbin IFF, Lucas Meyer Cosmetics

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