Seaplex, health and shine for bleached hair

Time: 12:20 - 12:40

Date: 22 Novembre 2023

Theatre: Teatro 2

URAI with Assessa, leader in sustainable hair care, presents Seaplex, an innovative, natural and biodegradable active that combines the power of seaweed with aminoacids and peptides.

Suitable for all hair types, it prevents damages deriving from bleaching, an aggressive treatment which reduces the resilience and elasticity of hair, increases the formation of split ends and damages the cuticle’s protective film, making the hair more porous. In this way the hair can easily lose water becoming dry, or instead adsorbe moisture from the environment, causing frizz .

Bleached hair treated with Seaplex has 48% less deformation and becomes very similar to virgin hair in terms of resilience, elasticity, and ability to retain water (reduction of dryness).

A single treatment (shampoo, conditioner, leave on cream) with Seaplex , compared to a placebo routine, gives these results on bleached hair:

  • Reduction of frizz effect of 72% for up 72 hours.
  • More 67% of resistance to hair breakage.
  • Reduction of the formation of split ends by 51%.

The association between Seaplex and Fibet D-Tox, natural mix designed by Assessa to prevent the accumulation of heavy metals on the hair, enhances these results.


  • Marina Jardim Assessa

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