ResistHyal™, the very first ultimate 7 in 1 hair beauty enhancer

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November 29, 2017

Recent scientific studies on hyaluronic acid have enabled to design a non-aggressive and natural alternative to well-known hair care treatments such as perms, silicones, acrylates or other chemicals.

Givaudan Active Beauty scientists have analysed the intrinsic hydration properties of specific grades of hyaluronic acids to combine them at an optimal ratio and develop ResistHyal™, a new bio-active ingredient (patent pending) acting on the keratin infrastructure, which will revolutionise the hair care market. ResistHyal™ is the first 100% natural active ingredient enabling to:

– control hair shape (anti-frizz)

– enhance hair beauty and attractiveness (shininess, suppleness)

– protect the hair fibre from dehydration, mechanical stress and pollution

– reduce the time spent by women to straighten their hair

– increase the sustainability index of hair care products

ResistHyal™ is a multifunctional hair care ingredient delivering instantly high level of benefits to the consumers in both rinse off and leave on products. It has been clinically tested versus placebo and highly qualified during European and Brazilian consumers tests.


Produced by means of sustainable technologies (bio-fermentation from agricultural raw materials), it represents an innovative transposition of the number 1 skincare ingredient -hyaluronic acid- to the hair care industry.



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