Natpure Xtra Actives: from crop to skincare products

Time: 10:00

Date: 25 Novembre 2020

Theatre: Online

During this presentation, we will provide an overview of our “from crop to skincare” active products, including a description of how biomass is selected, as well as the details of the clean extraction process used for the production of highly efficient active ingredients.

The selection of the biomass is the first key part of the development. We ensure a biomass having a high chemical content and that have been cultivated in a farm having certifications such as fair-for-life.

The patented PhytocleanTM process is an innovative and clean method that extracts not with harsh organic solvents, but rather with sub-critical water. In this state, pressure and temperature are optimized to ensure an ideal surface tension, polarity, and viscosity for the broadest range of photochemical extraction. Compared to traditional extraction methods, PhytocleanTM not only produces compounds with a greater range of polarity, but also reduces the environmental impact of production, as PhytocleanTM requires less energy consumption, processing time, and uses no harsh chemical solvents.

The efficacy of active ingredients are evaluated in both In vitro and In vivo studies providing outstanding results for the skin barrier protection.

This presentation show you how Sensient Cosmetic Technologies can offer clean solutions adapted to the customer needs.


  • Lauranne Spiers Product Manager - Sensient Cosmetic Technologies

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