Procedure-inspired Beauty

Time: 17:00 - 17:20

Date: 22 Novembre 2023

Theatre: Teatro 2

In recent years, a new type of cosmetic product has been making waves
and changing the game entirely – ‘tweakment’-inspired cosmetics. This
new generation of innovative offerings includes pre-procedure prep
cosmetics, as well as cosmetics that give subtle yet noticeable facial
enhancements and correction, used as non-invasive alternatives.
No one enjoys the pain of Botox or fillers, so what if we told you could
get your at-home alternatives to injectables from cosmetics? These
products are dedicated to a fun and pleasurable way of changing something
about yourself whenever you want, without the hassle of going for a
Lip injections are still one of the most requested treatments at aesthetic
medicine clinics. The ‘lip flip’, for instance, is a procedure that uses Botox to
relax a muscle in the upper lip, causing the lip to ‘flip’, giving the
appearance of a fuller upper lip.
Seeking a non-invasive alternative to injectable facial fillers, Chemyunion
has developed Cellfie, a vegetable ingredient with a precise and efficient
delivery system to activate adipogenesis by stimulating adiponectin in
order to decrease the signs of aging.


  • Valéria Câmara Chemyunion

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