Characterization of the sensorial profile of cosmetic products: use of neuroscientific methodologies for evaluating rub-out and after-feel of emulsions

10:30 - 00:00
November 29, 2017

Today, marketing aspire to put products or services on the market capable of evoking strong emotional responses in the consumers. For years, measuring and quantifying have been difficult tasks and classical marketing research methods have used models based on usefulness and rationality. In the last years, In recent years, experts in neurology, psychology and neuroscience have demonstrated that emotions, and the unconscious interactions between consumers and products, strongly influence the buying process and the purchase decision. In our study, the emotional impact induced by three O/A emulsions containing different emulsifying system have been compared. By means of neuroscientific methodologies – electroencephalography, galvanic skin response and facial expression analysis – we have detected emotional differences during rub-out and after-feel among the three tested formulations.


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