Natural preservation – it really works!

Time: 11:00 - 11:20

Date: Day 1

Theatre: Yellow 03

BiomEco is a new, innovative multifunctional ingredient, with a focus on anti-microbial activity. BiomEco is truly natural – both COSMOS and ISO 16128 – and also meets stringent standards for preservation efficacy. Based upon plant-extracts, the phyto-compounds utilize multiple mechanisms of action to be effective anti-microbials, anti-oxidants, chelators and surfactants.

Microbiome health and balance can be supported using BiomEco as the anti-microbial system. BiomEco ingredients have the ability to “micro-target” specfic microorganisms, and in-vitro studies have shown that it does not affect the “good” microbiome microorganisms, while controlling the ISO 11930 microorganisms.

Synergio, a Jersualem-based company, specializes in developing plant-based anti-microbials for the personal-care industry. Using nature as inspiration, Synergio develops solutions using advanced phytochemistry and scientific methods.

Dr. Rachel Lutz, Technical Sales Director at Synergio, will introduce BiomEco and show specific examples of how this multifunctional ingredient can be used in “preservative-free” formulations, while maintaining full preservative protection.


  • R. Lutz Synergio/Variati

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