Non-parametric methods to evaluate the sustainability of products and enterprises

10:00 - 00:00
November 29, 2017

According to a conceptual framework that links the Sustainable Development Goals, set by the United Nations Agenda for 2030 and signed by 170 countries, to the guidelines for non-financial reporting mandatory in Europe since 2017, an enterprise is clearly profilable in its approach to sustainability nowadays.

In this perspective, PLEF has started with ISTAT a research protocol on Italian companies that will develop – over a three-year period – a survey of the main topics that discriminate the approach of individual businesses, then will link it to available cases in the statistical registers integrated with ISTAT surveys, to reach hypothesis of correlation between sustainability and competitiveness.

The final phase of this research will be the development of case studies, where the various combinations of sustainability and competitiveness will be investigated in terms of impact on the Equitable Sustainable Wellbeing of the communities, to verify the thesis that through sustainable approaches it’s possible to converge the objective of highest added value and highest quality of life.

The speech during the conference organized by SICC, will show:

– about business approach, the details of first phase: conceptual framework and investigation of discriminants; about competitiveness and cases of convergence studies of Value and Wellbeing will be just show the logic.

– about product approach, possible consistencies or inconsistencies with the business approach as main principle of assessment of sustainable characteristics of individual products or product ranges within the business activity.






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