Natura-Tec Art of Nature – (per AssICC)

10:20 - 00:00
November 28, 2017

Natura-Tec is a natural solutions provider to the personal care industry offering a
wide portfolio of vegetable and marine based ingredients. As a leading manufacturer
and supplier of vegetable butters, waxes, functional emollients, natural emulsifiers
and natural active ingredients, research and development activities are based on
sustainable, renewable, ecofriendly and novel technologies in order to provide
improved efficacy, natural origins and innovation to modern cosmetic products.
“Green” trends play an important role in the APG Group’s efforts to build eco-
awareness and stimulate growth towards a more sustainable lifestyle whilst « Blue »
ingredients emerge as the dominant and future innovation in many industrial fields.
Modern research and production technologies allow us to develop natural
ingredients in order to provide innovative solutions to the cosmetic formulator based
on sustainable and renewable manufacturing processes. These help to provide
formulation compatibility, multifunctionality, high efficacy and safety whilst complying
with modern ethical and eco-conscious consumer trends.


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