Sensory evaluation as a tool to improve cosmetic products

12:00 - 00:00
November 29, 2017

The sensory science puts at disposal approach and research methodologies that – even if developed mainly for food – can be applied to the vast majority of consumer products that involve and stimulate human senses.

Development and fine-tuning of cosmetics and personal care products can be usefully supported by studies and applications that provide sensory evaluation by both trained individuals and consumers.

Some application areas of sensory methods will be briefly explained and, above all, emphasis will be placed on the usefulness of integrated sensory research approaches, where consumers’ judgments are of particular relevance.

In particular, we will illustrate an innovative method for classifying the sensory attributes of a product according to three categories: must have attributes, attractive attributes, performance attributes. An original and innovative approach that provides particularly effective indications for “guiding” product formulation optimization.



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