Consistency between Product Performance, Communication and Sensory Evaluation as a Successful Tool for Brand Cosmetics

14:30 - 00:00
November 29, 2017

The ways of communicating product characteristics (effectiveness and sensory aspects) can contribute decisively to success or failure regardless of the formula goodness. We will therefore analyze advertising and, above all, cosmetic packaging by trying to establish some “good practices” that we can later use to judge the work of graphic and designers. We will focus not only on texts but also on signs and symbols: shapes, colors, volumes, rhythm, overall lay-out, etc. . For this purpose we will use Semiotics and, namely, a four-level analysis scheme able to reconstruct the full map of the meanings of the analyzed packaging, this is the model of the Generative Path by AJ Greimas that stimulates the progressive emergence of meaning of a text from deeper and abstract to more superficial levels.




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