Design and validate excellent functional products in cosmetics

10:00 - 00:00
November 28, 2017

The design and development of excellent functional cosmetic products is not and can not be a casual process, though managed and organized by excellent researchers and teams of professionals.

Innovation is not limited to a process of creation, but it must be disciplined using tools that can transform the risk inherent in every transformation into opportunities that can be exploited on markets, especially those that are competitive such as those of the cosmetic chain

One of the processes most widely used by International Companies is the IPM (Innovation Project Management) that suggests adopting tools such as Risk Management and SWOT analysis to cross the different stages of design.

In particular, examples and case histories will illustrate the process of developing and innovating cutting-edge cosmetic lines, even from a functional point of view, through the conceptual steps to which any R & D plan for cosmetics should be subjected, to the validation of the four parameters in which the quality of the products is expressed: innocuity, functionality, liking and stability




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