INdermal: innovative and tailored liposomal delivery systems

Time: 11:10 - 11:30

Date: Day 2

Theatre: Yellow 03

INdermal is the cosmetics division of Nanovex Biotechnologies, a biotechnological company that specialises in the development of nanosystems for the delivery of pharmacologically active ingredients.

Since 2014, investigation centers and pharma companies based in more than 30 countries have developed clinical treatments based on our advanced technology in delivery systems.

Using this knowledge base, we have adapted our technology to transfer its application from medicine to dermo-cosmetics, creating a range of delivery systems that can protect and transport the cosmetic active ingredients to the target area (deep epidermis, stratum corneum, capillary fibre and hair follicle) and ensure maximum preservation of their properties as well as increasing their efficiency levels by up to twelve times.

By using pharmaceutical grade compounds, an exclusive fabrication process and the most advanced technology for the characterization of nanosystems, our products enjoy an ex­traordinary level of stability and ease of use which makes them ideal for the development of high quality and efficient dermo-cosmetics and cosmeceuticals.


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