‘Hurdle technology’ for a new sun protection strategy

12:30 - 13:00
November 28, 2017


Modern sunscreen formulations have reached their extreme limits, as far as the concentration of sun filtering molecules are concerned. This evidence potentially implies increased safety problems and risks of adverse skin reaction. Today, new non-filtering protection ways are beeing explored, with alternative sun protection  systems and also secluded filters. Plastic sheets of calibrated thickness have been proposed by the industry, with filtering efficacy bound to their dimension, together with multi-reflecting molecules, anti irritation and anti-free radicals active principles, synergic minerals, protecting oils etc. Moreover, optimal products functionality is required at any use conditions (dry or wet skin, for instance), any climate (high and low temperature and/or humidity level). At the same time, formulations should contemporarily guarantee long-lasting efficacy, skin friendliness and lack of interactions with clothes. Indeed, the real challenge for formulators today is the compliance of every new formula with all the complex international norms involving sunscreens.



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