How to easily encapsulate an active ingredient with Pro-Lipo™ Neo

Time: 17:00 - 17:30

Date: 22 Novembre 2023

Theatre: LabFocus

Achieve stabilized customizable & homemade suspension of liposomes with
our easy-to-use product: a preparation of lipo- and hydro-soluble active
ingredient entrapment.
– Solution: Pro-Lipo™ Neo is a unique technology and an ingenious
combination of phospholipids dispersed in a hydrophilic medium that easily
creates liposomes.
– Goal: enhance the penetration on the skin to increase the efficacy for
faster and better results.
– How it works: Pro-Lipo™ Neo is a ready-to-use complex.
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  • Angélique Cormier Lucas Meyer Cosmetics

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