How to best protect your skin against Photon degradation?

Time: 12:30 - 12:45

Date: 23 Novembre 2022

Theatre: Coral 4

Non-invasive mineral filters have always been the most effective to protect your skin youth. Recently a major came out with a 280nm to 400 nm protection based on organic filters (very invasive to your blood flow).


Creasperse® TR THX have been around already over 30 years with us and are called the old and best protection of your skin’s youth with protection from 280nm to 450 nm, and at over 35% more protection than old fashioned organic filters

Of which most are photo-reactive (only micro plastic organic survive better).


Come to see the In Vitro results and also our In Vivo US 2011 comparisons.


Finally, FDA US is no longer allowing any organic filters from new formulas from January 2023, already…


  • Alain Saintrond The Innovation Company® Eico Novachem

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