How Maya’s natural pigment inspire the cosmetics of tomorrow ?

Time: 12:50 - 13:10

Date: Day 1

Theatre: Yellow 03

PIGM’Azur is specialised in the “custom-made” creation, production and commercialisation of innovative natural pigments, highly resistant (UV, temperature, pH…), dispersible in any medium (water, oils, waxes, polymers…) and environmentally and health friendly.

These innovative pigments come from far, they date back to the Mayas’ activity 15 centuries ago.

After more than 15 years of research, scientists of PIGM’Azur managed to make these pigments reinventing an ancient process to adapt it to current industrial technologies.

This patented green process includes neither solvents, chemical products nor water. Thanks to the control and perfect knowledge of a specific clay, the range of natural pigments is conceived by incorporating dyeing organic molecules in this clay’s cavities (by encapsulation). These molecules are natural (extracted from plants), synthetic or combined origin.

Nowadays PIGM’Azur owns a wide range of natural pigments that meets the requirements of cosmetics and industrial applications. This range is highlighted in the formulation and characterisation laboratory of PIGM’Azur which is in charge of developing new colours and new coloured formulations.


  • N. Volle Pigm'Azur

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