Health, well-being and the skin: a constant search for balance

Time: 11:00 - 11:20

Date: Day 1

Theatre: Arena Seminari Liv.0

The modern consumer is, first and foremost, health-minded. In the past skincare products were used to solve problems, like reduce wrinkles or soothe irritated skin. Now, the consumer has a much more preventative attitude. They understand that healthy skin is the result of a delicate biological balance and they are actively trying to maintain this balance. Many people feel their skin is sensitive and has special skincare needs, making them particularly interested in skincare brands which provide them with products which fulfil their specific needs. In this context, dermocosmetics enjoy a lot of attention. Successfully supporting health of skin leads to a sense of well-being and increased quality of life. In order to provide the skin and, consequentially, the mind of the consumer with effective and safe products, detailed understanding of the biological processes with which the skin maintains homeostasis is a must. Products which actively work on these processes support and improve skin health. This presentation will show different examples of how skin health can be maintained or even improved and will show correlations between how effects of skin can have an effect on the mind and improve well-being and quality of life. It is all in the balance.

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