Facial skin aging: uniting clinical proof with consumer perception

Time: 14:00 - 14:15

Date: 23 Novembre 2022

Theatre: Coral 4

Modern “anti-aging” skincare consumers are pro-active and preventive in their approach to their aging skin. Effectively defying the aging process, requires the skin cells and the skin itself to be adaptive and resilient. Only then youthful and healthy functionality remains and skin ages better and more successfully.

A cleverly designed, extremely efficient and sustainable fermentation process leads to a highly efficacious extract of Galdieria sulphuraria, which stands at the core of CutiGuard CLR™. This active ingredient was developed to slow down the skin aging process and act against the visible signs of aging as soon as they start appearing.

The main signs of aging of facial skin, in the perception of the consumer, are skin wrinkling and sagging, as well as uneven skin coloration. This presentation will go into the details of the most relevant in vitro and in vivo studies which were performed in the product development processes with CutiGuard CLR™. In addition, it will also be elaborated on how an active ingredient for skincare can be compared with the effect of color cosmetics on the signs of skin aging.


  • Francisco Fernández Palacio CLR Berlin - Inquiaroma

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