KEY LECTURE Digital transformation: a multi-faceted revolution 

Time: 13:00 - 13:30

Date: Day 2

Theatre: Blue 02

Web 3.0, HTML 5.0, Industry 4.0, 6G, 4D-printing, IoT, Big data, AI, Virtual life

All these acronyms describe the “Digital Transformation” and the incredible speed of the evolution of “digital” technologies that are beyond. Other explicit acronyms such as e-xxx or m-xxx (-business, -procurement, -marketing, -learning, -shopping, -coupons and many other ones), express profound changes in the way we consume and do business. But what about new inventions and technological innovation enabled by this Digital Transformation? In some industrial fields such as communications, finance or mobility, these innovations appear obvious, from financial tools to Computer Aided Design, from 6G Phones to autonomous vehicles.

Is it the same in cosmetics? The first impression is often negative. Certainly, the cosmetics business has undergone great transformations in the last few years, especially with the dazzling development of internet commerce (e-business), accelerated by the COVID crisis. But this is not a technological innovation, of course, major cosmetic companies have announced the launch of revolutionary products, mostly combining fairly conventional products with more or less connected devices, but it is difficult to find today a cosmetic product or service directly resulting from this Digital Transformation and providing a real and disruptive innovation to consumers.

However, emerging technologies allow us to envisage real technological breakthroughs, from the way we conduct cosmetic research and design a cosmetic product to the knowledge of consumers, their needs and, above all, their desires, through revolutions induced in sciences such as biology or physiology.

We will review these new technologies and try to decipher what new and disruptive applications they may allow in the near future in cosmetic research and for the beauty industry.


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