Citropol® range: Green chemistry for obtaining high performance, biodegradable polymers

Time: 10:45 - 11:00

Date: 24 Novembre 2022

Theatre: Coral 3

Silicones are undoubtedly versatile ingredients and cannot be easily substituted. Different molecular weights, branching or addition of groups give them properties that are difficult to match otherwise.

Similarly, synthetically derived polymers are facing various restrictions for environmental reasons.

Many products are trying to replace these precious silicones, either for regulatory reasons or because of biodegradability issues.


The alternatives aim more copying the skin sensory. There are a few, however, no real solutions for the hair sector for care, shine or detangling problems. Similarly, makeup lacks alternatives to disperse pigments or achieve precious touches. How to replace dimethicone?


P2 Science has taken on this challenge and can offer real  alternatives that are safe for human use and biodegradable.. These innovative products have unique INCI names that are truly special. Stemming from green chemistry, these ingredients offer real performance features for the skin, hair or make-up sector.


Based on recycled waste from the paper industry and thanks to a patented, low-energy process, these polycitronellol polymers will revolutionize the cosmetics industry.


In addition to the sensory effect comparable to silicones, these plant-based polymers have been tested for anti-foaming effect, pigment dispersion, and thermal resistance to DSC (Differential Scanning Calorimetry) in hair salons.


  • Ivan Carfora Connect Chemicals Italia

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