Achieve Global Compliance in Real-time and In-house!

Time: 14:00 - 14:30

Date: Day 2

Theatre: Arena Seminari Liv.0

From product formulation to labeling, small businesses and large companies face the same issues in terms of regulatory requirements.

Utilizing a PLM solution coupled with an integrated regulatory database, gives every staff of the product development team access to required information to carry out their function. Current and validated regulatory data made available on the formulas screen efficiently automatizes the checking for conformity in real-time.

With today’s latest technology, ensuring that every requirement is met can be done in-house.

Join the Coptis TechFocus session to better understand why equipping R&D departments with a specialized PLM software with optimized databases is an effective way to achieve complete compliance and speed up product launch.


  • F. Pense Coptis

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