Advanced algal active agents dedicated to cosmetics

15:00 - 15:20
November 29, 2017

Founded in 1997 by Dr Liliane and Max Pellegrini, specialists in Phycology, GELYMA designs and manufactures functional principles from micro and macro algae for application in cosmetics. Care for the marine environment and marine ecosystem, rational harvesting of raw materials and optimum conservation conditions are the qualitative requirements followed by GELYMA to maintain the characteristics of algae unchanged and to allow industrial scale productions of long-term functional principles. Based on its deeply expanding scientific knowledge, GELYMA monitors all phases of the production process, from algae procurement to prototypes of functional principles for industrial production of extracts. From the beginning, GELYMA has focused its R & D efforts to continuously develop innovative functional principles with a product portfolio that now boasts 25 trademarks and 10 patents. Among the most appreciated functional principles are those in the anti-aging and face care range: OKINACEA, anti-wrinkle, DERMOCEA, firming, and the new PHYCO’DERM, suitable for eye contour treatments, for a 360° action in the face skin rejuvenation.


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