Concentrated plant derived active ingredients – a 100% natural effective protective shield

11:20 - 11:40
November 29, 2017

The use of concentrated active ingredients in the cosmetic industry has a number of benefits. They have low use concentration and less warehouse space on the one hand, however a strong effect in skin, are preservative free and have little to no interaction with the individual formulation base of customers on the other hand.

The main power is the strong effect of the Cayoma® Actives. They provide you with a strong protection shield against several changings in skin that are signs of Aging. There is a very strong effect against oxidative stress, which is the main cause of aging. The use of Cayoma Olive® leads to a protection level of up to 97%. With Cayoma Grapefruit® and Cayoma Green Coffee® the formation of ROS and RNS as a reaction of oxidative stress is drastically reduced. Additionally both actives have a strong impact to improve detoxification properties and reduce glycation, which would lead to a loss of elastin and collagen. Cayoma Green Coffee® stimulates the formation of new ECM molecules like collagen, elastin and GAGs and at the same time reduces epidermis dryness through an increased formation of AQP-3.

As a consequence of using this kind of active ingredients, the skin will appear much more resistant against external aging factors and looks healthy, radiant and beautiful.


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