HighLIGHTING Beauty – Product Claims and Efficacy Tests for Skin Protection in the Digital Era

09:30 - 09:50
November 29, 2017

Blue light (or HEV – High-Energy Visible light, 400-495 nm) affects ever more everyday life owing to the continuous exposure to electronic devices, such as computers, smartphones, television and lights.

However, in the present highly-connected world, there is an increasing awareness of the negative effects on skin of HEV light – an actual cause (along with other light sources) of premature ageing. The extended and synergetic exposure to HEV light accelerates the photo-ageing effects, such as slowdown in cell turnover rate, alterations of the dermal matrix, formation of free radicals and production of oxidative stress, as well as formation of visible signs like wrinkles, loss of firmness and hyperpigmented spots. The stronger awareness of hazards boosts the interest in cosmetic products offering effective protection.

In this respect, Mérieux NutriSciences is a reliable, competent business partner helping companies scientifically to support new market trends and needs, and validate product claims, on the strength of its technical expertise and comprehensive analytical offer.


  • Chiara Chiaratti Cosmetics Clinical Studies Specialist - Mérieux NutriSciences Italia

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