From Biomass to COSMETIC Sustainable Multifunctional Ingredients and Solutions

12:40 - 13:00
November 28, 2017

Bio-based chemistry is penetrating all market segments and is promoted more and more to consumers of final products. Cosmetic and beauty care are industries where this trend is strongly growing and provides challenges to the key players to develop new formulations in line with consumer demands. New formulations mean new ingredients with a stronger sustainable approach for the production of the raw material and the final products. MinasolveTM is helping in such achievement by proposing bio-ingredients developed under green chemistry principles to cope with market demands and customer focus. One of the key ingredient developed for this market segment is Pentiol Green+TM which has been developed and produced with a proprietary process established by Minasolve’s sister company Pennakem, specialized in furfural chemistry. This bio-based ingredient has now proven its versatility in its use in cosmetic formulations and brings multiple properties to the final products. Pentiol Green+TM, GMO free, first of its kind in the 1,2-alkanediol range, has been awarded the silver award for Green Ingredients at in-cosmetics 2014 in Hamburg.

To fulfill to the industry requirements, MinasolveTM is also currently launching ready to use solutions based on Pentiol Green+TM, with a strong focus on efficiency, based on preservation boosting and emollient properties. Accordingly, a new range of blends complying with cosmetic formulation principles has been developed and tested to meet the consumer requests for substituting conventional preservative (parabens, phenoxyethanol, MIT, …). These blends, MinaSolveTM Green A/B/C and MinaSolveTM Hexam+, based on the ingredient Pentiol Green+TM allow to respond to the diversity of situations that cosmetic formulators are facing. A new area of cosmetic formulation is now open and key players are claiming use of those bio-ingredients as an added value for customers.









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