Eliorelys™, biomimetic active acting as a sun shield against photo-oxidative damage

11:40 - 12:00
November 28, 2017

A new generation of natural solvents has emerged with a great potential for many industrial applications. While deep eutectic solvents gained more attention, the suspicion began to grow that Nature had long discovered these solvents. All evidence indicates that these solvents must serve a key basic function in living cells and organisms. These new botanical active Eutectys™ were further investigated regarding their biological properties from skin care (melanogenesis, anti-ageing, inflammation, photo-ageing, hydration) to hair care (hair manageability and smoothing). Our mimicking technology enhanced the biological activity of botanical extracts revealing some missed properties of botanicals. Eliorelys™, the first-ever active from this breakthrough technology, was designed to fight the photo-induced damage acting as a sun shield.



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