Smog & the City

10:10 - 10:30
November 28, 2017

Bregaglio presents the new exciting season of ”Smog & the City”

It’s about four woman- a lover, a single, a mother and a wife – who, despite their different natures and ever- changing lives, remain very close to each other. They live in different polluted cities: London, Mumbai, Tokyo and New York where they have fun and date men.

One day Carrie, a famous journalist for the New York Star newspaper, meets Mr. Smog and is instantly attracted by him but he is not a perfect guy for her heart and… her skin!

Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte tell her about beauty problems caused by Mr. Smog and suggest her some beauty tips against him. The girls put under trial Mr. Smog!! Will Carrie choose her friends or run away with Mr. Smog?

Bregaglio presents here tests on anti-pollution and focus on raw materials to protect ourselves… all over the world!

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