PROPOLSAVE®: un nuovo alleato per la protezione delle mucose

PROPOLSAVE® is a new ingredient made in Italy for the protection of the oral and vaginal mucosae.
PROPOLSAVE® is a unique multi-active product obtained by the combination of highly purified and characterized polyphenols M.E.D.® and a natural mucoprotective extract from the Opunxia™.

Mucous membranes cover, with secreted mucous, the epitelium of body cavities providing an innate barrier to infections. Reinforcing this barrier may be a good treatment strategy. PROPOLSAVE® is a NEW and UNIQUE product, which contains a multi-acting combination of highly purified and characterized polyphenols derived from M.E.D.® Propolis and a natural mucoprotective and mucoadhesive extract from the Opuntia Ficus Indica plant. M.E.D.® Propolis polyphenols complex, widely studied and known for its high standardization and characterization, gives to PROPOLSAVE® strong activity against microorganisms, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties both in vitro and in vivo studies: M.E.D.® Propolis is able to reduce the symptoms related to upper respiratory tract infections in humans. Moreover PROPOLSAVE® is safe, it has proved mucoadhesive properties in oral and vaginal epithelium and it has good wound healing activity. Thanks to the standardization of the polyphenols contained in M.E.D .®Propolis, the activity is reproducible and related to the dosage of active compounds. The presence of polysaccharides from Opunxia™ increases the permeances in situ of polyphenols to guarantee the protection of the mucous membranes. PROPOLSAVE® is available in powder and hydrogliceric forms and is suitable for oral/nasal spray, orosoluble tablets, sachets, mouthwashes, toothpaste, vaginal ovules, creams, lavages.