Microalgae technology: Inspiring sustainability pioneers with ALGAKTIV® BodySKN

ALGAKTIV® BodySKN takes sustainability to a whole new level. It is the latest molecular technology obtained from upcycling an arctic microalgae waste, delivering outstanding firming and remodeling for the ultimate skin workout.
Powerful skin beauty, now redefined.
Microalgae bring an ancient solution to this present-day need. They can be isolated in nature and grown in photobioreactors without depleting our still beautiful, yet ailing planet further. It is the ultimate compromise – powerful nature at the service of responsible beauty.
Acting on this powerful insight, ALGAKTIV develops active ingredients from microalgae, sourcing wild microalgae in nature while respecting the environment and its biodiversity.
With its latest launch, ALGAKTIV® BodySKN, ALGAKTIV takes sustainability even further: This up-cycled arctic microalgae technology helps restore the skin’s homeostasis, combats stretch marks, and redefines the concept of sustainable beauty.