Exploring rheology to create breakthrough textures

In this conference, we will explore the fascinating theme of “Texture”.  Why?  Because this is THE factor that has the biggest impact on cosmetics purchase intent, right after the brand name. Also, texture is unique in the way it can stimulate 2 of our key senses: vision and touch. This is why there is such a big demand to enchant consumers with innovative formulae. But how do we create breakthrough textures?  Our journey will start with understanding what texture really means for consumers, breakdown market example and decipher consumer needs and behaviors driving this market.  Then, we will build the perfect “innovative texture creator” toolbox where you will find ingredients that thicken media such as water or oil, provide unique suspensive properties, and create novel gels and films as well as explore how these textures behave under various conditions (pH, salt condition, high levels of alcohol).  Lastly, our journey will end with a futuristic view on texture and answering the question, how can we better explore the potential of innovative textures using neurosciences?  So get ready to become an expert who can delight customers with innovative textures and join our webinar!