Spec-Chem Industry

Stand: 731
Category: Acids, Active Ingredients, Anti-acne Agents, Anti-aging Agents, Anti-allergenic Agents, Anti-dandruff Agents, Anti-inflammatories, Anti-wrinkle Agents, Emulsifiers, Hair Growth Promoters / Anti-hair Loss Agents, Moisturizing Agents [more]

Telephone: +86-25-84523390
Email: sc@specchemind.com
Website: http://www.specchemind.com/
Address: Shilin Industrial Park, No.10 Wanshou Road, Jiangbei New Area, Nanjing, 211800, PR. China, China

Company Profile

Spec-Chem Group is a professional supplier of cosmetic ingredients. Since established in 1995, Spec-Chem,
as a global strategic vendor, has been providing a wide range of high-quality ingredients to multi-national companies
around the world.
We are committed to providing customers natural materials and optimal solutions, in pursuit of both technique
and service innovations. We stick to the spirit of comprehensive utilization to natural resources and sustainable


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