Pharma Cosm Polli Srl

Stand: 203
Category: Anti-acne, Anti-aging, Anti-dandruff, Anti-Hair Regrowth, Anti-inflammatories, Anti-pollution, Anti-puff, Anti-redness/ Anti-couperose, Anti-stress, Anti-stretch marks, Anti-wrinkle, Antimicrobials, Antioxidants, Antiperspirants/ Deo-actives, Benzoic Acids & Salts, Chelating/ Sequestering Agents, Clays/ Bentonites, Co-emulsifiers, Cold Process Emulsifiers, Coloring Pigments, Dispersant, Emulsifiers O/W (Oil in Water), Emulsifiers W/O (Water in Oil), Esters, Exfoliants/Peeling Agents, Fillers & Extenders, Firming Agents/ Botox-like, Lightening/ Whitening Agents, Moisturizing Agents, Nourishing Agents, Preservatives, Protective Agents, Proteins, Purifying Agents, Radiance Promoters, Rebalancing Agents, Regenerative/Revitalizing Agents, Repairing Agents, Restructuring/Replenishing Agents, Shining Agents, Slimming Agents, Softening/Texturing Agents, Solubilizers, Soothing Agents, Substantivity Agents, Surfactans, Thickeners & Stabilizers, Urea Compounds, Vegetail Oils, Fats & Waxes, Vegetal Origin Waxes & Butters, Wetting Agents

Telephone: 02 8954 6188
Address: Via Palermo n. 20 20090 Assago (MI) Italia

Company Profile

Pharma Cosm Polli, since 1995, is a company that has chosen to market and distribute only raw materials and functional principles of the most innovative, safe and high quality to be used in products of Dermo-Cosmetics and Pharmaceutical industry.
Pharma Cosm Polli provides the customer with professional and technical-scientific attention to the more complex requests, supported by an extensive and continuous commercial service.  Thanks to its different represented companies, Pharma Cosm Polli embraces an international experience that shares every day with all its customers with scientific rigor, safety and quality that make this company a transparent, serious and loyal partner.

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