NSW Toscana Trading Srl

Stand: 104
Category: Acidis, Alcohols, Animal Origin Waxes, Coloring Pigments, Depilatory, Esters, Fatty Acids, Fatty Alcohols, Guar & Derivatives, Methyl Celluloses (MC), Natural Origin Gums, Oils, Proteins, Synthetic Waxes, Vegetail Oils, Fats & Waxes, Vegetal Origin Waxes & Butters, Waxes, Xanthan Gums

Telephone: 0572 772663
Email: info@toscanatrading.it
Website: https://www.toscanatrading.it
Address: Via San Marco 33, 51016 Montecatini Terme (PT), Italy

Company Profile

NSW - Natural Sources Worldwide - is a company specialized in the commercialization of natural resources, from all over the world. The company, under the name of NSW Toscana Trading, has been founded in 1996 as importer and distributor of casein and gum rosin; with time, the catalog of products available from NSW has expanded with new products, especially resins and natural waxes, growing in experience, as well as on the staff and in the presence on major world markets in this sector.
For this, all services are characterized by high competence and products represent the best quality in the market, with a selection of suppliers according to strict criteria of reliability, consistency and experience.

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