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Stand: 149
Category: in-Vitality

Address: Via A. Colombo 130, Gorla Minore, VA, 21055, Italy

Company Profile

Next Ingredients was born from the observation that market demand and supply are changing with an unknown speed until recent times.
Our goal is the continuous research of new ingredients and applications or innovative combinations, also bespoken, to improve the performance of our products. This value is achieved through the mastery of multi-application and transversal skills generated by experience in different business units, from food to nutraceutical, from pharmaceutical to pet food.
Consolidated knowledge, but NEVER closed to novelty.

Our main ingredients:
• Algae
• Antioxidants
• Fibers
• Natural Colours
• Natural Extracts
• Natural Preservatives
• Natural Sweeteners
• Probiotics & Yeast
• Taste Improving Technology from Nature
• Vitamins & Minerals
• Vegetal Proteins

We are exclusive distributors in selected countries of South-East Europe for:
• Mafco WordlWide LLC: manufacturer of licorice extracts & pure derivatives of Glycyrrhiza products, powered by the science of MagnaSweet®.
• Bio-Life Science: manufacturer of astaxanthin with ASTAFIT® and ASTACOS® OL50 brands.
• Genosa: manufacturer of Hytolive® obtained from olive fruit, 100% naturally processed with interesting properties. (On request)
• Polypan: manufacturer of natural preservatives obtained by the science of Flavomix™.
• Turval: together we’ve developed Pastae Mater, a gluten-free mother yeast powder containing B0399 ®, a probiotic yeast resistant to most antibiotics, gut friendly and 100% made in Italy.

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