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Telephone: 0423 7177
Email: cosmetics.italy@mxns.com
Website: https://www.merieuxnutrisciences.com/eu/personal-care-and-cosmetics
Address: Via Fratta 25, Resana, TV, 31023, Italy

Company Profile

Mérieux NutriSciences provides an integrated range of analytical research and consulting services. The cosmetics industry enjoys a comprehensive service to guarantee the effectiveness and support of product claims, in compliance with international standards, compatible with skin safety.
This year, paying special attention to the important global movement on “Sustainability and zero waste”, we will be at your disposal to discuss the best practise to demonstrate the sustainability of your product and its impact on the environment. Furthermore, thanks to the recent entry of EcamRicert-ECSIN in Mérieux NutriSciences group, the current hottest issue – namely microplastics detection and nanomaterials analyses – can be deepened.

Our Highights
• Sustainable Beauty - best practices to test and claim ingredient, product and packaging impacts on the environment. Thanks to a deep attention to these issues, we are able to offer a 360° service dedicated to the cosmetic industry.
• Skin microbiome - our experts have deepened the study on skin microbiota: a new way to test the efficacy of cosmetic products and evaluate their action in protecting, rebalancing and safeguarding the natural physiology of the skin.

Skin microbiome studies - Efficacy and safety evaluations in vivo and in vitro - Claim support - Microplastics detection - Nanomaterials analyses - Sensory analysis & Consumer Research - Quality controls - Stability studies and PAO - Packaging evaluation




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    Deodorants for a Personalised Body Care

    Human axillary odour is commonly attributed to the bacterial degradation precursors in sweat secretions. Age, sex, genetic factors, environmental factors, hygiene and the use of cosmetics may contribute to body odour by influencing the quantity and quality of secretions or types of bacteria present on skin. A cultured-based approach used to isolate odour-generating bacteria identified... Leggi tutto »

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