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Category: Testing

Telephone: 02 90929569
Address: Via Pastore 3 20056 Trezzo sull’Adda (MI) Italia

Company Profile

INT.E.G.RA. services and solutions for the needs of cosmetic, pharmaceutical, chimical industry:
- Dossier Manager® Computer Software. Includes: "PIF Manager" method for the management of cosmetic regulatory documentation (Reg 1123/2009); "D-Lab" for the management of R&D projects; T-Lab for the management of stability tests, and many other modules for the management of the technical and production area of the Cosmetics industry. The method, in addition to Software, includes: Training courses, Assistance from the Regulatory staff and technical staff, Technical and regulatory updates..
- InVitro International methods of analysis: distribution of Dermal Irritection”®, Ocular Irritection® (TG OECD 496) and Corrositex® (TG OECD 435) KITs - Training (“InVitro International European Traning Center”) - After sales Support.
- C.A.O. (Custom Analysis Organization). Evaluation of the efficacy and safety of products and devices intended for man, through testing strategies that include all types of tests: in vitro, chemical, microbiological, on volunteers, ..
- Cosmeting® : e-Commerce data base of toxicological informations and NO(A)EL of substances used in cosmetics. Includes: NoD (Noael on Demand) toxicological monographs with NO(A)EL and dermal absorption of substances used in cosmetics; INCI Update, monographs of data they including: the chemical name, the names INCI, Ph. Eur., INN and IUPAC, the numbers EINECS / ELINCS, CAS and Color Index, the function of the ingredient, the SCCS opinion and the INCI names cosmetic restrictions.

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