Stand: 249

Telephone: +34 930 182 125
Website: https://ibsina.com/en/home-english
Address: Pompeu Fabra, 25, La Garriga, Barcelona, 08530, Spain

Company Profile

Specialist in raw material

We love working with organic products. We have a wide portfolio that includes more than 200 essential oils of BIO and conventional quality. We emphasize proximity species, botanical variety and chemotype. To this we must add 60 references of vegetable oils in virgin and refined quality, as well as oral or topical hydrolates and a wide variety of raw materials and junk food.

If you cannot find what you are looking for or want to develop a personalized product, we have a sourcing department to offer you the raw material you are looking for, as well as an R&D department where we can develop your products.

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