I.P.S Srl

Stand: IN215
Category: Nutraceuticals – Raw materials

Telephone: (+39) 025279641
Email: info@ips-srl.it
Address: Via Civesio, 6 – 20097 S. Donato Milanese (Milano) – Italy,

Company Profile

IPS presents three business Units:

FLOWACTIVES® : dedicated to microincapsulation by coacervation of nutritional oils. This IPS plant works turning esential oils into powders which can be easily weighted and packaged

SURACTIVES® : dedicated to development and formulation of modified release nutraceutical ingredients. IPS has patented two technologies (MATRIS® and MINIACTIVES® ) suitable both for Medical Devices and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients as well.

These technologies have the goals of protecting the active ingredients from oxidation, form light exposure and from humidity, giving it a shelf-life extension. Moreover they can give to the ingredient the following benefits: taste and odor-maskin, gastroresistance, modified release, improved flowability, handling and dosing. Moreover the MATRIS® and MINIACTIVES® products allows to active ingredients a direct compression, whereas the ingredient itself doesn’t allow it.

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