Carlo Sessa Spa

Stand: IN505
Category: Acidis, Anti-acne, Anti-aging, Anti-inflammatories, Anti-pollution, Anti-redness/ Anti-couperose, Anti-stretch marks, Anti-wrinkle, Antioxidants, Conditioning, Draining Agents [more]

Telephone: 02 2402051/2
Address: Via Venezia 39 20099 Sesto San Giovanni (MI) Italia

Company Profile

Carlo Sessa, a company founded in the 1909 and traditionally devoted to marketing high quality medicinal plants and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, diversified its activity in the cosmetic sector achieving immediately concrete results in the promotion of functional ingredients and specialties of high technological content in the make-up, hair and skin care sectors. We are successfully promoting ingredients that range from pearl pigments, natural colors and micro-encapsulated active ingredients to vitamins, plant extracts, active plant cells, microalgae and licorice derivatives from World Wide suppliers keeping the most important items ready in our warehouse to guarantee a better service to our customers.

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